2019 Garden Update #1: Blossom End Rot and Leaf Drop

It’s been a rocky start to my garden. Both plants got a lot bigger really quickly, and when I saw the first little pepper I was so excited. The next week we had a little tomato, and I was ready for some veggies.

The little pepper got really big, and since I’ve never grown peppers before, I had to look up how to know when it was ripe. I found out that they would turn yellow and that’s how I’d know, but it took forever for it to start turning color. It stopped getting bigger, and then it sat on the vine for a few weeks before I felt like it had changed color and was ready to pick. My mom ate the pepper and told me it was good, though when I asked if it was the best banana pepper she’d ever eaten she declined to answer. Continue reading


2019 Garden – Plants Have Been Planted

Another spring is here, and with that comes a new garden! Like last year, I use the word ‘garden’ loosely, because once again, our garden isn’t quite planted into the ground.

My dad has been wanting to redo our backyard for a while, and this year it finally happened, but for some reason he didn’t leave space for a garden…or maybe I’m the only one that’s really excited about the garden. Continue reading


As of two weeks ago, I am officially a marathoner! There’s something about this word that I love so much. It makes me think of someone strong, someone who is determined, someone who works hard for something, someone who can do anything they put their mind to. And I never thought it would be me, but I’m proud to say that it is me. I am a marathoner.

My running journey started 7 months ago. Back then, I thought about the marathon, but I couldn’t wrap my head around 26.2 miles. The most I could wrap my head around was 13.1, and it felt doable, both in terms of running for that distance and the time commitment to training for it.

At some point on my half marathon journey though, I realized that it wasn’t the end. Maybe I would only be motivated enough to run this once, and if I was already training, what was another half? Continue reading

Diving Back Into the Pool

Growing up, my parents decreed that my brother and I had to play a sport, though it was up to us which one we wanted to choose. I remember as a little kid trying out different sports – soccer, softball, gymnastics, swimming. But as I got older, it was time to choose one to focus on, and I ended up choosing swimming.

I remember going to the swim club for the first time and being evaluated so they knew which group to put me in. I was assigned to a group, and from then on, I was at the pool all the time. I permanently smelled like chlorine, and every shirt I wore had the logo of my swim club on it. Continue reading

Crossword Mania

I don’t do a lot of crossword puzzles. When I go for a puzzle, I go for a word search, or a Sudoku. I’ve never really thought that much about crossword puzzles, until a few years ago on Christmas day, my mom was going through the newspaper and she pulled out a special crossword to show me. It was a mammoth crossword, and what made it special wasn’t just the fact that it was huge – some of the clues were current events from the past year. Continue reading

A Look Back on November 2018

It still feels kind of surreal that November is over, and December has started. I saw something a few days ago that was counting down the days until Christmas, and I was confused when there were less than 25 days left. And then I realized that it was correct; it’s December and I haven’t quite caught up yet.

Every Nano is different, and not just in terms of what I’m writing. Continue reading