Better Late Than Never


This blog has been in the works for quite some time now, but I finally had the time and was determined to push through and start blogging.

Let me start with a little about myself: I like to write. This typically happens in the form of stories that I never let anyone read, but I still enjoy it, and am working on coming out of my shell and showing my work to others. So hopefully this blog can help with that! You don’t get better just reading things over by yourself. Of course, I mostly write for my own personal enjoyment, but getting better never hurt anything. So that process has begun. Feel free to leave comments on anything, whether it’s content or writing style!

I’m not sure how often I’m going to post yet, but I hope to do it on a regular basis, at least once a week. I’m committing to it now! And because this blog is about my experiences, please enjoy my life on the farm. I’ve been on a farm for almost a week now, so I’ll be backtracking in the first few posts. Sorry about that! I have a weird fetish that I can never start (or end) things, so once things get going, they should be going! Hope you enjoy and I’m excited to join the blogging world!


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