13 States Later

It’s been a long ride. About a week and half ago, I ventured from my home state of Georgia all the way up to New Hampshire. Luckily they are on the same coast, but it was a long trip nevertheless. I traveled by car, and therefore I ended up in 13 different states along the way. There were a lot of interesting things I learned and saw along the way. These include:

1) There are peaches for sale in Georgia and South Carolina. After that I stopped seeing signs. Now that I am in New Hampshire, I’m craving a peach. The only ones I’ve seen for sale are tiny and pathetic looking so far. Hopefully this’ll change later in the summer.
2) North Carolina has a very nice highway wildflower program. It was very pretty to see as I drove along.
3) Virginia is for lovers. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Virginia before, but this was news to me.
4) North Carolina and Virginia are both pretty and mountainous. I enjoyed driving through these states. This also made Virginia very cold when I stopped at a hotel for the night. I was immediately freezing the second I stepped out of my car.
5) I’ve never been up the east coast before (North Carolina was the farthest) but I did not enjoy driving through New Jersey or New York. It was hectic and there was a lot of traffic.
6) The tolls in New York are also ridiculous. It cost $14 to drive over a bridge. It was not worth it, in my opinion. It was a rather short bridge, with not a fantastic view.
7) Connecticut is very woody. We drove along a parkway that was pretty, and very different from the usual highways in Georgia.
8) New Hampshire and Vermont are hilly. Everyone told me beforehand that New England was pretty, and it is. It’s also very different from my usual scenery.
9) McDonald’s gets more expensive the further north you get. I ate at three different ones along the way and ordered the exact same thing. The first one was nice and cheap, but the last two were a little pricey.
10) Cracker Barrel serves the same food, north or south. There are still biscuits and grits up here.
11) I miss Chick-fil-a. I want to say I saw one along the way even in New Jersey, but I’m currently in a small town in New Hampshire, and missing me some Chick-fil-a. The Friendly’s sign gets me every time, not because they’re that similar, but at first glance they look the same. Maybe I’ll have to try one while I’m up here.

The farm that I’m at is also very interesting. I have been to the Midwest before and seen those farms, and it’s literally squares filled with rows and rows of corn and soybeans. The land is very flat and you can look out and see for miles. It’s hilly in New England, so you can’t do that. The farm I’m at is also very hilly, even on the property. There are some amazing views, but it’s a struggle to make it up some hills. It’s so different than what I was expecting, but I think I’m adjusting well. There’s supposed to be moose up here, so I’m hoping I’ll see one during my time. I’m enjoying this very different lifestyle so far, and while I miss my home and Southern things, I know I’m only here short-term, and that’s something that helped convinced me to come in the first place. So here’s to a fun summer that so far is a lot cooler than Georgia!


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