Farming 101: Chickens Round 2

Hello again! I know I said I was going to post about other animals too, and the last one was pretty long about chickens. But there’s been a lot going on with our chickens, so I decided to dedicate another post to them.

The other day I went to feed our laying hens, who live in an area surrounded by an electric fence. This fence is probably a good 4 feet tall, or at least too high off the ground for a person to even attempt to step over. When I walked over all 400 of them came to check me out because they were hungry. They were pushing up on each other and inevitably, one got pushed into the electric fence. This made the rest of the chickens jump back, and the one that touched it took flight. I know, I know. Chickens can’t fly. But they can flap their wings and jump, and this one literally jumped over the fence. I had to go catch it and put it back in. I knew chickens couldn’t fly, but I didn’t realize they could flap their wings and go a pretty good distance. Like over that electric fence.

Speaking of our laying hens, every day in the afternoon we collect eggs. There are hundreds of eggs. Every now and then you find a super tiny egg, which is so adorable! They are acorn sized and really cute, but apparently if you crack them open there is no yoke. This is not that unusual, maybe one every few days, but they’re still cute to look at. What’s even stranger than a tiny egg? Yesterday I found a shell-less egg. I know it’s hard to picture, and if you told me that I’m not sure if I would believe you either. But imagine it. It looks like an egg; there’s just no shell. I saw it lying there and thought it looked strange, but it wasn’t until I picked it up that I realized what the problem was. Apparently this happens every couple of months, but it was still so weird to me! And if you want proof – yes, I did take a picture. I haven’t uploaded them to my computer yet though, so I apologize! One of these days you’ll get some pictures of the farm or strange things I come across.

My next post will actually be on different animals! I’m sure I forgot some more interesting chicken information, but that’s it on chickens for now!


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