Farming 101: Cows, Pigs, and Fences

Hello again! I’m finally going to talk about different animals!

Let’s begin with our cows. I’ve always loved cows. And when you think about cows, you think about milk, and I’ve been to dairy farms before. So this is a new experience in itself, because this is not a dairy farm. Our cows are for beef, which is a little sad to think about. They pretty much do whatever they want, just grazing out in the fields. We have to move the cows daily, and that’s interesting. When the cows are hungry, they start mooing and making a huge racket! It gets worse when you get close to them, and they all come to the edge of the fence and watch you, mooing. The other day I was trying to move them by moving the fence, and they just ran it over. I got about halfway and they just took the whole fence out, which was a little frustrating. They get caught in the line and just tear the stakes out. So needless to say, it wasn’t that fun retrieving the pieces. But some of our cows are pregnant and there should be calves soon – I’m excited for that!

Next are the pigs. The pigs are pretty cute! We got 6 little piglets not too long ago and they are so pink and adorable. They run around and aren’t fence trained, so especially the first few days they got into some mischief. They’re doing better now. Pigs are actually pretty curious and friendly, so when I go into their area they’ll come up to me. It’s mostly how my pants get muddy – pig nose pushing up against it. They get our rotten fruits and vegetables or the peels, as well as other leftovers. It’s fun to feed it to them, because they’re so excited about it. Last time I threw it into the trough and one of the big pigs pushed right through my legs to get to it. I almost sat on him!

Finally, the less fun part of farming – electric fences. Electric fences are definitely necessary to keep animals where they are. But it’s also pretty effect for blocking your path. Many times when I try to get places I either have to open 3 gates or cross multiple fences or a mixture of the two. It’s a little annoying, but it works! And let’s be honest – being shocked my an electric fence isn’t the worst thing that could happen. Yes, it’s unpleasant. But I get shocked probably an average of once a day. And my first shock here wasn’t my first time being shocked. When I had visited a farm in the Midwest I accidentally brushed up against a cow fence – that was not pleasant. Also, a couple of years ago I also participated in Tough Mudder, and Electroshock Therapy is no joke y’all. That was some intense shocking. So in comparison this is nothing. One of the annoying things in my opinion, however, is you don’t really know if the fence is on without touching it. And when you touch it you get shocked. It’s not as bad with gloves on, but you can still feel it. Sure they are fence testers, but I’ve never used one. You just kind of go with it, avoiding fences if you can. If you accidentally brush up against one, you’ll know. So it’s best to figure it out and move on.


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