Shoes Off!

Hey y’all! I know this blog is supposed to be about my experiences, which has so far been the farm, but as I mentioned earlier, I would like this to be more than just my farm life. Also, not much has been happening on the farm. It’s been a pretty slow couple of days. It’s weird because school is just getting out around here. In Georgia people were out a while ago. I think about this a lot, and realize I would rather start earlier and get out sooner. I can’t imagine being on a quarter system, stuck in school until June. School in June! What is that? This past year the last day of school was May 1. That blows my mind too, like May doesn’t exist in the school calendar anymore?

Anyways, the other important thing to know about me is that I’m Asian. Well, part Asian. I have strong Asian cultural values though, embedded deep within me by my mother. It’s not to say I’m super Asian – just my values. And one thing that gets me is when people come over to my house, they don’t take their shoes off. I was brought up with, as soon as you walk through the door your shoes come off. Of course, in most Asian households this means you offer slippers instead. I don’t wear slippers – I’ve never understood that. But as soon as I walk into your house, my shoes will come off. Part of this is because this is what I grew up with, but another reason is frankly I don’t really like wearing shoes. I don’t understand when we have company over how they don’t even think to take off their shoes; they just traipse around the house in them. This is worse when it’s carpet, because carpet is a lot harder to clean. I remember when I was little I would always have to remind my friends to take their shoes off once they came over. I remember many times when one friend would walk in, take a few steps and then backtrack, saying, “Right. Shoes off.” This kind of blew my mind back then – was it not common to take off your shoes when you went into someone else’s home? It wasn’t until we had some family friends over and I finally asked my mom that I understood it to be an Asian thing. Sure, some American families take their shoes off, but I know people who even in their own home don’t automatically take their shoes off. Once my mom explained this to me, I understood it as a cultural thing, but it still amazes me that it is, that it’s not something people normally do.


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