Farming 101: Turkeys

We got baby turkeys two days ago, so while I’m probably going to have to post more actual information about turkeys later, for now I just have to say it: baby turkeys are so adorable!

Going into this, I had no idea what baby turkeys looked like. When they first arrived and I went to visit them, I thought they were so cute. They actually do look like baby chicks, but their legs are longer and their beaks are a little different. They’re still that soft yellow color though, and they stumble around on their legs. Many times I saw them fall over, and sometimes they’ll flip over onto their backs and then they can’t get up! Baby turkeys are also actually pretty friendly, and when I offer my hand three or four will run up to check it out. They’re not afraid of you and seem to like attention. I went in there and sat down for like twenty minutes one day, just playing with the little turkeys.

As far as actual information, apparently turkeys are hard to raise because they die easily, for seemingly no reason whatsoever. A lot of times they can develop leg problems, and then that’s basically the end of the line for them. It’s really sad when you see one that’s unable to walk, but many times I’ll see one sprawled out, think it’s injured, but it just gets up and hobbles off when I prod it. They’re so cute though, and I’m excited to see how they grow!


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