Feral Cats and Kittens

On the farm, we have 5 cats. It just so happens that 4 are male, and one is female, and the female cat is the only feral one of the group. I’m not quite sure why she is feral, but she is, and she won’t let anyone go near her.

Recently we discovered she had kittens. She had them up in the hay mow, but because we started cleaning it out, she decided to move them. We tried to follow her as she relocated her kittens, but she knew what we were up to and made sure we didn’t trail her. About two weeks later, we managed to find her kittens – while looking for some escaped piglets.

Why did we want her kittens? Well, we wanted them so we could socialize them so they don’t become feral. The rest of our barn cats are all very friendly, and they do what they want, hunting while we do provide them with food. The mama cat also ate this food, but she never let anyone touch her. Well, when we took her kittens, we didn’t want to separate them from their mama (even though they are pretty old by now – probably old enough to not need their mother anymore).

It was quite an adventure to try to capture our mama cat, but we somehow managed. We put her up in the barn, in a little brooder area. It’s a big area, but the mama is definitely unhappy. She spends her days up in the roosts, watching as people come, and pretty much ignoring her kittens (as far as we can tell). I’m not sure what the plan is for her, but I think we are going to spay our mama cat and then let her go. We don’t want to deal with this situation again, a manhunt to find kittens and trying to capture her. We will keep the kittens on the farm though, so I’m excited for that! They are so cute, just two little ones. They mewl and stumble around, but they are pretty friendly. They don’t love to be held but they are interested in people and want to know what you are doing when go into their pen. I brought them some wet food today, and they loved it. I meant to bring it for the mama, but she won’t come down while I’m there. Hopefully she got to eat some too, but I’m glad the kittens enjoyed it! I don’t know if they are eating the dry food, or if their mama is still giving them milk, so I was a little concerned. I bought two cans so I’ll probably bring the other one tomorrow. Best case scenario, I befriend the mama cat. However, she kind of hates me right now so we’ll see what happens and how much longer she’ll be up there. Hopefully not long!


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