Everyday Inspiration

As a writer, my inspiration comes from many different places. It could be something that is happening in my life, or in a book that I’ve read. It could be a story someone has told me, or something that has just popped into my head. One the major places of inspiration for me, however, is in music.

I love country music. This might be because country music is full of stories. When I listen to music I listen for the lyrics. This isn’t to say I don’t like other types of music, or it can’t just be a fun song. But the songs that really resonate with me have a deeper meaning. A song can be the main story, or it can just be touches here and there. A friendship based on something I’ve heard, or somebody’s actions. I like to pick out certain lines from songs and write them down. When I plan out my stories, sometimes I’ll write the line or the song, something to give me some focus.

When I read through my stories it makes me smile as I realize where certain inspiration comes from. Sometimes I’ll go listen to the song, trying to make sure my point was made. Sometimes a song might help start a story or a build a character, until it morphs into something else. Either way, you have to start somewhere, and I find a lot of it in music. It may not hit me when I listen to the song for the first hundred times, or it might not be the right time to incorporate that idea. But by writing it down and listening to old songs and new songs, it helps me maintain my ideas for the next time, to add to the other sources of inspiration and round out a story.


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