Visiting the Pigs

Here on the farm, we seem to keep getting more and more piglets. When I first arrived, we only had 20 pigs. That number has grown since then, and now there are over 50. It’s crazy how many pigs we have. And we’re supposed to be getting more in the next few weeks. 

I didn’t really know that much about pigs before I got here. I knew that they were cute, and I really wanted a teacup pig. These pigs are definitely not teacup pigs, but they are very friendly, especially the older pigs.

Our goal hanging weight is between 200-250 pounds, so as you can imagine, these are pretty big pigs. They’re very compact though, and I’ve almost been knocked over by one! But the little piglets are so cute, and they grow so fast! A pig can grow to that size in about 6 months, which is no time at all.

One of the things I enjoy the most about our pigs is bringing them scraps of food. This may be discarded bread, corn husks, or apple cores, but it’s always fun to bring them to where the pigs are and drop them in. Immediately the pigs come, curious to see what’s happening and rubbing their muddy snouts on my pants. It’s so cute, and you can give them a good rubbing while they enjoy their food. It makes the idea of owning a little pig so much more exciting, now that I really know pigs are like, more than just what I’ve read or seen!


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