Fair Season

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a local fair here in New Hampshire. I almost didn’t go, but I figured since I had the time, I might as well go check it out. Well, I’m glad I did, and I definitely don’t regret going. 

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I got there, but it was actually pretty nice. It reminded me of a smaller version of the Georgia National Fair. There were different shows happening, vendors, 4-H competitions, a midway, and pulling competitions. I went to see one of my favorites shows – racing pigs – and then I also got to see Frisbee dogs. Both were enjoyable, especially the Frisbee dogs. That was a good show, and it was fun cheering for the dogs as they chased after the Frisbees and did back-flips as they caught the Frisbees.

I also enjoyed the livestock competitions. They were judging cows when I was there, though I also saw some breeds of chickens and sheep. The cows were fun to watch as the children led them into the arena, listening to the judge and lining up. The judge would rank them and then explain her criteria, which was interesting to listen to and fun to learn about the cows.

My favorite part of the fair, however, had to be the pulling competition. I’d never seen this before, and it was so cool. I got to see the draft horses, though I wish I could have seen the oxen as well! They pull in teams of two, and they had this neat harness to pull with. They would go to the sled and their harness would then get hooked onto it. They would pull, and had to pull a certain distance in one continuous pull. The competition continues by adding more weight, until teams start to get knocked out and the one that can pull the most weight remains. These horses were huge, and it was impressive to see how much they could pull. I really enjoyed seeing this competition and learning more about different animals. It makes me wish I’ll be home for the Georgia National Fair, and it shows me how much I still have to learn. What I’ve learned on the farm here is only a glimpse into farm life and what I hoped to accomplish here.


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