Chores – I mean, Farm Tour, Anyone?

On the farm I’m working at, there’s actually a bed and breakfast. Most of the reason why I’ve never mentioned it before is because even though it’s at the same place, it’s a totally different thing. It’s run by a different person. The only interaction I have is when guests are interested in seeing the farm. Then I get to show them around on a tour.

It’s not just any tour though – it’s actually morning chores. Guests that are interested in seeing the farm get to wake up early and accompany us on our morning chores, seeing the different animals while we take care of them. Though I’ve done this a couple of times since I’ve been here, for some reason last week was really popular, and I toured multiple groups.

Farm tours are fun because they make chores more interesting. Instead of just doing my daily tasks, I get to talk to people and explain what I’m doing and talk about the animals. It’s always interesting to learn a bit more about the Inn guests as well. Most of them are from relatively nearby, and it’s always interesting seeing city vs. country people.

Though I like working on the farm, recently I’d felt like I’d been in a kind of lull. I did similar things each day, and while I was learning, it wasn’t as much as fast as when I first got here. This was understandable, of course, but it made me homesick. I longed to get back to a familiar environment and see my friends and family. I started to wonder: why am I even here?

One afternoon I go out to feed our laying hens, like I usually do every day, sometimes twice a day. A new family pulls into the Inn, and the license plate on the car reads New Jersey. They get out, and they look like such city slickers, from the way they dress to the way they talk. It surprises me that they are even here in the first place. I continue about my chores and soon they come over to check it out. I let them into the area and they start getting excited about the chickens, amazed at how many there are and snapping photo after photo. I pick up a chicken for them to pet, and they eagerly take selfies with the chicken. After about fifteen minutes they leave to get settled in (though they do come back multiple times during their stay), and as they leave, I can’t help but smile.

Seeing their enthusiasm about the chickens reminded me of when I first got here, how excited I was to see and learn everything. It reminded me of why I was here in the first place, and how I might be in a lull now, but it’s not like I regret coming here. I do enjoy it, and it’s crazy to me how fast time has passed – the summer is already over. I think about how I could be still in school right now, or working in an office somewhere. And I realize those things can wait. I’m focusing on the present and enjoying the rest of my stay here on the farm.


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