It’s My Mushroom!

When I first arrived on the farm, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure, I expected small-town life, but I didn’t know what this particular little town was going to be like. The farm that I am working on is a sustainable farm, and maybe that should have tipped me off, but it didn’t. It turns out that the whole town is into this sustainable thing, which is a good thing, but so different from my life back home.

To begin with, there’s no microwave in my apartment, and apparently not in many of the homes around here as well. At first I thought it was just something regarding the family on the farm, but as I have started to meet more people from the area, I found out that this is not special to just them. It seems so crazy to me though, because that’s how I used to eat all my food. Yes, I know it’s not great for you, but sometimes when you just want to reheat something it’s so much easier than heating up the oven. Another thing it’s useful for is, I recently bought one of those things you microwave and then it keeps you warm. I was excited when I bought it, then realized I have no microwave and sent it home to use once I get there.

Another thing that is strange to me, but seemingly common here, is the hunt for mushrooms. Yes, that’s right. Mushrooms. I personally don’t like mushrooms, so it would never apply to me,whether I lived here or not, but one of the strangest things to me was when I heard the family here talking about it. They were speaking about the different types of mushrooms you could find growing outside, and then what seemed funny to me is the fact that they keep it a secret! They don’t tell each other where to find these mushrooms, choosing instead to keep it a secret and enjoy it themselves. When I met another couple from the area, she mentioned the same thing. She talked about how her daughter would be driving down the road, looking at the base of trees searching for mushrooms. My first thought was – is that safe? How in the world could you spot a mushroom while driving, and shouldn’t you be concentrating on the road instead of the trees on the side of the road?

It’s such a funny idea to me, that people would search for mushrooms, brag about finding good ones, and then not tell each other where they are. One of the other employees at this farm was talking about how he saw a mushroom, and one of the owners convinced him to spill where it was, promising she wouldn’t go look for it now, but rather save the knowledge for when he left. I personally haven’t noticed any mushrooms, but just the fact that it was a common thing around here just surprised me. Like, it’s ok y’all, you can keep your mushrooms to yourself!


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