You’re In a Different Time Zone!

When you think of what farming is like, you typically think of hard work, long hours, and the outdoors. This is true. Farmers get started early in the morning and therefore typically go to sleep earlier. What might surprise you is that I am not a morning person. In college, the earliest class I had was one semester at 9 am, and it was a killer. I struggled to wake up and get there.

Yes, I do get up early on the farm, but I originally figured it would be good for me, and it has been. Is it a struggle to wake up every morning? Yes. But I do go to bed early and get enough sleep. I look forward to my days off, where I can ‘sleep in’. One thing you learn pretty quickly though, is that even when you sleep in you’re still awake before most people. This past weekend I texted my parents, knowing they would be travelling. I was so confused when my dad, who was supposed to be driving, texted back immediately. Then it hit me – they hadn’t even left yet, cause it was still so early! I had gotten a good few hours of work in, and they were…just getting their day started.

I recently was talking to a friend, who typically stays up late and sleeps in pretty late as well. Over the summer she was in California, and one night I got a text that woke me up when I forgot to silence my phone. It was 3am, and at first I was so confused – why was she texting me at 3am? Surely even she would be asleep. Then I realized she was in a different time zone, and it actually wasn’t that late for her. Which got me thinking – she almost stayed up late enough and I got up early enough that we would be able to communicate, should we want. I saw her about a month ago, in the same time zone, and she commented, “It’s like you’re in a different time zone!” And farming kind of is, in a way. It’s about a three hour shift from my old sleeping habits, but I am enjoying it. I feel like I now have so much more time in the mornings, and it’s amazing how much I get done. When I go home I do plan on shifting back an hour or two, but it won’t be as bad as it was. I should at least be in the same time zone!


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