Fall Has Arrived

This might be a little late, but fall is here. More so in New Hampshire than in Georgia, but it’s happening. The days are starting to get colder, and I actually saw frost starting about a week ago. The leaves are starting to turn color, and it’s so pretty. With all the mountains and trees and valleys up here, it’s breath-taking. The yellow, red, and orange of the trees catching the morning sun and then again at sunset is just beautiful. Fall is here in full force.

One of my favorite parts of fall, and I might venture to call it a family tradition, is apples! Every year we go apple picking, buying a huge bag of apples and then eating them for the next few months. I have to admit, I’m not a huge apple fan. I’ll eat them, but I prefer other fruit (like a Georgia peach). However, every fall, I get excited for apples and when we pick them, for some reason they taste so good! This is probably because they’re in season, but I love going to the orchard and picking out different varieties of apples, sampling them and having fun. Of course, along with the apples comes the apple pies, fritters, cider, donuts, you name it. Apple everything is here. At home my mom makes an apple crisp.

Luckily for me, my parents came to visit me in September, right in prime apple season. The other lucky part was I live right near an orchard! I put that on our list to do, because I knew we wouldn’t get a chance to do it once I got home to Georgia. It was actually really fun to pick apples in New Hampshire, and the orchard was really nice and big. One of the things I noticed immediately was that they have different varieties of apples. Yes, there were some of the same, but there was also a bunch of types I’d never even heard of. There were also so many trees. The orchard was definitely bigger than the one we normally went to, but that day even though I thought we’d have to wander farther to get the good apples, we didn’t have to. We hardly walked anywhere and filled a 1/2 bushel bag of apples so quickly. It was a lot of fun, and I’m so glad I got the chance to do it with my parents. As the leaves start to drop from the trees and it starts to get colder, I’m be smiling and munching on an apple, soaking up the sunshine, enjoying autumn.


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