Mount Monadnock

When my parents came to visit me, I searched the internet for different things to do in the area. One of the things that seemed a shame not to do was visit and climb Mount Monadnock. I have no idea when I will be back to New Hampshire, and I found out that Mount Monadnock is actually the second most climbed mountain in the world. So I agreed with my parents that we would go climb it.

None of us are hikers. When I think of climbing mountains, I think of Stone Mountain. It’s a nice trail to the top, at the top is a building with food, souvenirs, and restrooms. And if you don’t want to climb, you can take the Skyride. This is kind of what I imagined Mount Monadnock to be. My mom did some research before-hand on what trails to take, and it was about 2 miles each way. It didn’t sound too bad, so one morning we drove the park, ready to tackle the mountain.

Climbing Mount Monadnock is not easy. It’s a mountain, and the trails reflect that. We took the most common trails – white dot up, white cross down. At times we were literally on our hands and knees climbing. It gets steep, but about halfway up you clear the tree line and you get an awesome view. And of course that gives you energy to keep going to the top! It took us almost two hours to make it to the top, and by that time we were all ready for a break. Looking out from the top of Mount Mondanock is breathtaking, though you need to go on a nice day! They say on a clear day you can see Boston and NYC. We couldn’t see either city, but we still got a nice view. Though it’s not like Stone Mountain – just rocks on top and you have to get yourself up and down – I definitely think it’s worth going to.

We took the white cross trail down, which was definitely the right decision, because it’s the least steep path. Going down the mountain is much easier, but it’s also scarier because it’s easier to fall. Luckily none of us slipped, but going down the flatter path definitely made a difference, and I liked taking a different trail down. You get to see different things, which I enjoyed.

Mount Monadnock is definitely a challenge for someone who doesn’t hike, but when you get to the top it’s worth it. We went on one of the last warm days, and it was quite enjoyable. It wasn’t too hot as we hiked to the top, but it was wasn’t freezing once we got there either. There weren’t a lot of people on that day, and it was nice to walk the trails and enjoy the fresh air and trees. Of course, the best part is that after you climb it you can proudly proclaim I did it! I made it to the top of Mount Monadnock!


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