Time for Thanks

It’s a little funny that this post comes with Thanksgiving. It’s more of a reflection of the past few weeks and what I have been dealing with, which happens to do with being thankful for what I have.

I’m home from the farm. Been back for a short period of time, and it’s been weird assimilating back into ‘normal’ life. Reflecting back, I had fun on the farm. I like animals, and I enjoyed feeding the chickens and cleaning eggs and everything that I did while I was there. Am I about to rush off to another farm? I don’t know. I’m not against it, but right now I’m looking for a long-term thing. This could include a permanent position on a farm, but I’m not ready to be another apprentice.

Being back home means it’s time to look for a job. That’s right. A job. I’m not having any luck. Well, I can’t say that. I have had interviews, which is a good step. But after that I haven’t been having any luck. I tell myself interviews are good, because the more you do the more you get used to them and better at them. I hate interviews, because I am a shy person. I don’t think I come across well in an interview, though in the past few I thought I’ve done ok. Maybe I’ve stopped caring. I haven’t. I think I’ve just grown.

Think back to a previous post. When I got sick on the farm, it made me take a step back and think about what’s important. What’s important? Health. Family. Friends. A job is important, but it’s not the most important thing.

Recently my mother and I went to visit one of her friends. On the surface everything looks great, but as we spent time with her, we learned about everything that’s not perfect in her life. Of course, no life is perfect; there’s ups and downs. Her husband has been sick for a while, but recently he has been diagnosed with cancer and is now fighting it. I can’t imagine having to deal with it, from either side. And as we spent time with them and I saw how strong they were, even through everything they were facing, I knew it was stupid to be frustrated and unhappy with my life. I’ve known this before, listening to friend’s issues, but I think this was a good reminder to be happy with what you have. You can’t change the cards you’re dealt, so the best thing you can do is to make the most of it. I hope that I can stop focusing so much on everything that’s wrong and really value what I do have this holiday season. It’s supposed to be a time of joy, and since I’ve left the farm things have been good. I really can’t complain. I’ll still worry and search for a job, but I won’t let it overtake the rest of my focus. I’m excited for tomorrow and the time spent with family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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