Looking Forward to 2016

With the start of the new year just around the corner, I have decided to take the time to think about my blog and share my goals for the coming year. It is hard to believe that I have been blogging for over six months now, but the feeling I get whenever someone likes a post is the same as it was when I first started. It gives me a sense of pride and courage, encouraging me to keep writing and helping me realize that maybe, just maybe, there is someone out there who kind of likes my writing. 

Thus, my goals for my blog for the new year:

1)Post once a week. Minimum once every two weeks. When I first started my blog I was posting twice a week, or at least once a week. I did good for about 3 months, and then I got sick and lost internet and started traveling and writing and didn’t know what to post about and came home and was just trying to keep up. These are all excuses, of course. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy posting or it got old; I just put it on a lower priority. But now things have calmed down, the holidays are almost over, and hopefully I can get back on track and post once a week again.

2)Pictures! I know way back when I said I would add pictures, but I have yet to do it. There really aren’t any excuses on this one. I’m writing about my experiences; it’s not like abstract thoughts that don’t have pictures.

3)Blog improvements. I haven’t had that much time to play around with the different options, but I have added a couple of features since the basic blog that I started with. I hope I can continue to add improvements and read other blogs and figure out the best way to customize mine. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

4)More direction. I say this loosely, because a lot of this depends on what I end up doing. When I started my blog I wrote about the farm, but now that I’m back the blog has less direction than I had hoped. I hope to figure out some more categories that I am interested in without limiting myself, and I hope to flesh out some of the categories I already have. I don’t want to overwhelm anyone, but putting everything under ‘misc’ when I categorize is getting a little annoying. Therefore, I want more direction. I hope I can figure out what niche I hope to fill, rather than whatever comes across my mind at the time.

That’s it for now! I will do the best I can to keep to these goals in the coming year. Hope everyone has a happy new year and great start to 2016!


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