A Little Snow in the Forecast

Every winter, the same thought rolls around: is it going to snow? Please let it snow. On a weekday. Please let it snow. 

Coming from Georgia, it snows about once a year. Well, it snows maybe more than that, but we’ll define snowing as actually being able to see it, sticking on the ground type of snow. Our typical type of snow is the type where you’re outside, squinting into the wind, saying, I think it’s snowing! It is snowing! Look!

Of course, the hope for snow in Georgia is mainly for this reason: no school. No work. If it’s snowing and sticking, you’re almost guaranteed to gain at least a couple of hours. When I was still in high school, we had a couple of inches of snow. Let’s just say it snowed on a Monday. I didn’t go to school for a week. It was amazing.

It used to be that it had to snow before we got time off. A couple of years ago it snowed, and school and offices shut down early. It started snowing in earnest, and it led to Snow Jam. People were abandoning their cars, the whole city was just gridlocked. It took hours to go anywhere. It was a disaster. The best part about it now is, even if it’s just forecasted to snow, things shut down.

Last Thursday there was snow in the forecast for Friday afternoon. I was doubtful it would even snow, but was excited when I found out that offices and schools were closing at noon. As Friday afternoon rolled around, I eagerly watched outside for any signs of snow. Around 4 I saw it: snow! It was so exciting, and I immediately let my friend know. It went something like this: It’s snowing! And I don’t have to struggle to see it! And then 10 minutes later it was a struggle once again. But alas, it kept falling, and by Saturday morning we had a light dusting of snow everywhere. Not enough to play in, but enough to call everything white. Of course, by Saturday afternoon most of the snow had melted, and this week we’re back in the 50s. But it was nice while it lasted. And I know next year, I’ll be hoping for the same thing – snow!

Snow on my car!
Snow on my car



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