Up and Around Stone Mountain

If you’re from Georgia, at least from the Atlanta area, you’ve probably heard of Stone Mountain. We recently had relatives come visit us and when they asked what Stone Mountain was, my description was, a mountain made of stone? Of course, it’s more than that. The main attraction is the mountain, but there’s been a whole park built around it, where you can do fun family activities. During the winter, Stone Mountain becomes Snow Mountain.

It’s been years since I’ve been to Stone Mountain, though as a child we used to go all the time. I remember climbing the mountain, staying in the evenings to watch the laser show, just enjoying the park. As I’ve gotten older, we’ve gotten busier, and just haven’t had the time to go. Add that to the fact that the daily pass to just get in to the mountain is getting more expensive, it really makes more sense to get a yearly pass – but then you have to go more than once.

Recently I went to Stone Mountain with a friend. She normally walks around the mountain, but I really wanted to climb it, so we compromised and decided to go up and around. The path around the mountain is about five miles, and to climb up the mountain is about a mile. We started where she normally starts and began our path around. I’d never walked around the mountain, and had thought it was just the sidewalk paths that I’d seen all over the park. It wasn’t like that at all. There was actually a walking trail around the mountain, and it was so nice. We went on a weekday so there weren’t that many people, and even though it was January, it was a beautiful day.

About halfway through the path around it crosses the trail going up, and up we went. I hadn’t been to the mountain in so long, but it seemed so much shorter that I remembered! When I headed up I couldn’t believe how fast we got the top. Looking back, a mile really isn’t that long, but it was definitely a lot shorter than I remembered. I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been since I was a kid, or if it’s because the last mountain I climbed was Mount Monadnock, which was a challenge. We made it to the top, where we could see Atlanta skyline. It was an awesome view of the city.

After we had rested, we came back down and continued our way around. Part of the trail follows a lake around the mountain, and it’s so peaceful to walk around, just you and nature. It goes through the park where the laser show is held, and we caught a glimpse of Snow Mountain just waiting for the weekend. People were out jogging, walking their dogs, it was lovely. 7 miles later, we did it. We finished walking up and around, and though we were tired, we were proud. It was incredibly fun, and I can’t wait until next time!


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