Paper Stars

One of my hobbies is making paper stars. It’s a form of origami, where you start with a long, skinny piece of paper, and you fold it to make a little star. I learned how to do this sometime in elementary school, yet I still enjoy taking my strands and folding them into cute little stars.

Some Asian stores will sell star paper, but you can also cut your own paper to fold. I personally like to buy my paper, because it’s already cut nice and neat and there’s normally a variety of patterns you can choose from. The problem with buying star paper, however, is it’s really expensive if you buy it in the U.S. It’s normally around $2 for a pack of paper, while in Asia the exact same pack is around 50 cents. That’s a big difference, especially when you buy a lot.

Last year my mom went back to Asia, so I asked her to buy a lot of star paper for me. She came back with around 25 packs, and though I was thrilled, I was also a little overwhelmed. When I said a lot, I was thinking maybe around 10 – 15 packs. But it was fun looking through the different patterns, deciding what order I wanted to make them in. I thought it would take me a long time to finish making that many packs, but it only took me around three months.

A couple of months ago I went to Asia, and every time I went to a store that sold star paper, I looked through the patterns and bought the ones I liked. After going to many stores and visiting each one multiple times, I returned home with around 30 packs of paper. I still have quite a few of these packs, but I’ve made good progress. When I make stars I put them into a jar, and once I got a lot of patterns I started grouping them together by color or style so they’ll look better in the jar. Now I have over 10 jars full of stars, and I’m still going! It’s actually a little overwhelming just how many jars I have now – I don’t really have enough room to display all of them!

One of the things I also like about buying star paper is some packs of paper will tell you what the number of stars mean. It’s not always the same, but it’s always fun to read. It’ll say things like, one star represents love, 365 stars represent I only love you, etc, but my favorite is 1,314 stars represent ‘through life and death’, which has to do with the way the numbers sound when you read them. I’ve never counted how many stars I have, but maybe one day I’ll take the time to count them out one by one!

Some stars I made last year, before I got a jar

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