First Impressions of Scottsdale, AZ

Recently I had the opportunity to visit Scottsdale, Arizona. I’d never been out west before (with the exception of California), so I was excited to see what it was like.

I took a Monday morning flight, and if any of you have been to the Atlanta airport, you know it’s crazy. I had to wake up extra early to give myself ample time at the airport, so I was pretty much sleepwalking as I followed the signs to get in the security line. I joined the snaking line full of travelers and waited my turn. Though the line was long, it moved steadily, and it ended up taking me around forty minutes, which all things considered, wasn’t too bad.

I walked to my gate and waited for over an hour to board my flight and then we were off. It took around four hours to get to Phoenix, and it was a smooth flight. I followed all the passengers getting off the plane towards baggage claim. I walked about fifty steps and then faltered. I was staring at the security line to get into the airport. It was right there. The thoughts running through my mind were: That’s it? That’s the whole airport? Are you kidding me? It took maybe five minutes to get my luggage and get out the door. It was strange. I’ve been to small airports before, but I just expected the Phoenix airport to be, well, bigger.

I got into the van that was arranged to pick me and my travel companions up, and off we went. As we started driving, everyone began taking in the scenery. Scottsdale is pretty. It’s pretty flat, except for the mountains. It’s very different than what I’m used to seeing in Georgia. But the thing that caught my attention first was a cactus. There are a lot of cacti in Scottsdale, and though I’ve seen real cacti before, most of them are the ones that are sold in plant shops – they’re small. To see huge cacti standing taller than me was really cool.

When I was there, the weather was in the high 80s and 90s. I expected it to be hot, but surprisingly, it wasn’t. It is a dry heat, which is nowhere near as bad as Georgia. It was pleasant to walk outside, and in the mornings and evenings it was even a little chilly.

On the way home I got to the airport with plenty of time to spare. I bought breakfast and walked around the gift shops in an effort to kill time. I found a store that sold Phoenix souvenirs as well as little cacti and cactus seeds. I ended up buying a little ‘grow your own cactus’ set, so we’ll see how it goes! Maybe one day it’ll get to be just as big as some of the cacti I saw on my trip!


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