Halfway Through Insanity

After I got a job, I knew the next step was to focus on my fitness. Now that I was making money, I had options. I wanted to join a gym, but didn’t just want to use the exercise machines – I wanted to take classes. Which led me to a problem – I’m kind of motivated, kind of not. Or really, I’m not a morning person. I’ll wake up early to go exercise, but I’m not going to wake up more than 2 hours earlier just to exercise. And when I looked at the gyms near me, none of them offered classes at a great time – it was either way too early, or it was too late and would make me late for work. I know, I know, they’re just excuses – if I was really motivated I’d get up early. Or go during lunch. Or go after work.

I decided not to. I turned back to exercise videos, figuring I could motivate myself to do it at home when it was at a time convenient to me. A couple of years ago a friend introduced me to Insanity. We did the fit test together, and I almost died. I remember at the end, I was panting and trying to stay upright while she looked fine, and she told me that I did great. Everyone else she had done it with before had passed out. So by not passing out I was doing good.

This time around, I looked into Insanity. It was expensive, but compared to a gym it wasn’t bad. And if I actually did the whole program, the cost per day would be minimal. Plus, even after I’d finished the 60 days I could do it all again, or pick and choose different workouts. So I went for it. I bought my own Insanity set and began the 60-day program.

I’m about halfway through now. I finished the first month, and at first, I struggled. It wasn’t as bad as I remembered – this time during the fit test, I wasn’t on the verge of passing out – but it was still challenging. Even now I can’t do all the exercises full speed like they do. But I can do more, and it feels good to exercise every day and really push myself. After the first month is a recovery week, where you do a still challenging but less intense workout. It was a much-needed break after the first four weeks, and I enjoyed it. Now I’m ready to start the second month, where the exercises get longer and harder. I know it’s going to be tough, but I’m ready. I can see the difference in my body as I develop muscle, and I’m excited to keep going and keep improving in the month to come.


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