East Palisades on the Chattahoochee

A few weeks ago my friend and I decided to walk a trail along the Chattahoochee. I’d been to the Chattahoochee River when I was little, but it had been a while. I remember going to a park with my family, bringing bread to feed the ducks, having a picnic, and walking along the water. The only recent times I had gone had been to some parks, and when my friend mentioned it, I was all in.

She sent me a list she had found of trails to walk along the Chattahoochee, and they all looked so nice! It was a little hard deciding which one to do (first) but we ended up deciding on walking the East Palisades Trail. We planned our trip weeks in advance, and unfortunately it was a little rainy on the day we went, but luckily it was only a drizzle.

I met my friend at the park, and it was an adventure to get there. All the houses near the entrance were huge, and the park was at the end of a neighborhood. I was driving down the road, wondering if I was going the right way, when it dead-ended with a sign and a gravel road.

I started down the narrow lane, taking in my surroundings, until it finally opened up to a small gravel parking lot. There was a port-a-potty, a pay-station, and a map. My friend pulled up shortly after me and we began our walk.

Even though it was raining, we saw quite a few people out there. It was a nice wooded path so the trees provided shelter from the rain, and after about ten minutes we came upon the river. It was really pretty and so nice to walk along the river, and we even saw a pair of kayakers. The trail veered away from the river as we circled back around, but it was still extremely peaceful and pleasant walking through the woods. The trail was about 3 miles long, though there were other parts that we didn’t explore.

It was really nice, and I really enjoyed my visit. I can’t wait to get back out on a trail, or even out on the river. There are so many options; I just need to get out and go!

IMG_1948 IMG_1947


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