A Week on the Beach

Last week I was lucky enough to take a vacation to the beach! It was much needed and definitely enjoyed, for a number of reasons.

Since I started my ‘real’ job, I haven’t had any vacations. I know this is real life, and that summer break is just a thing of childhood, but it’s really starting to hit me that it’s over. As everyone heads into summer break, and with all the graduation photos I’ve been witnessing, it’s been a little depressing. Not to mention I started work right after a holiday, and started with the longest period between holidays. On the bright side, now that I’ve taken a vacation, Memorial Day is right around the corner.

What I really enjoyed about my vacation, however, is the tradition. Every year for spring break, we go to the same place. We go because we all enjoy it, and there’s always new things to do and experience. It seems that for the past few years, we’ve gotten to enjoy something new every year, whether it’s learning how to stand-up paddle-board, go parasailing, or most recently, go on a tour on a 2-seat catamaran. I really enjoyed our little tour, and the best part was I got to drive the small boat. I might have been doing donuts and zooming around as fast the boat could go…but that was half the fun!

Another great part about vacation is it’s so easy to be active. And the beach? It’s beautiful, a picturesque setting that I get to enjoy when I visit. I love walking along the beach, enjoying the sea breeze, watching little kids play in the sand, search for dolphins swimming not far off the beach, watching fisherman try their luck. Some people fly kites, others play games, read, or tan on the beach. It’s so relaxing, and when we went this time, the weather was perfect. I got to kick back and relax and take some time to enjoy myself.

Now that I’m working, I don’t know if we’ll continue to go the beach every year. I certainly hope so, but there’s some conversation about going somewhere different next time. Though the thought is enticing, my vote is still for the beach. No matter what, it’s never a bad decision.


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