Arabia Mountain

As many of you know, whenever I meet with one my friends, we try to find a nice place to walk. These typically come in the form of walking trails along mountains, rivers, or lakes in the area. They are places that really aren’t that far away, but for some reason, we just never made it out there.

The most recent place we visited was Arabia Mountain. It is located in the Davidson-Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve, and has a pretty big channel of trails. My friend and I decided to walk up the mountain and then on a connected trail at the base of the mountain, but looking at the map, I noticed others that led to neighboring parks, a library, and even a mall.

It was a little difficult finding the entrance to the trails, because while there was a sign, it only faced one way. We ended up driving past it twice before finally making the turn into a gravel parking lot. After we got out, we found the trail leading to the top of the mountain, which was really quite small. It’s not even a mile up and down, and it was pretty obvious once we got there. We could see the top of the mountain from the base, and it was a very easy climb. The top was open and flat, and though you were elevated, it wasn’t very high, allowing you to see just above the treeline.

Once we came back down, we went along the connecting path, and that one was actually really nice. It went around a small lake which was really pretty, and some parts of the trail were rocky, while others were wooded. The only downside to the trail was that it wasn’t well marked, so we ended up backtracking multiple times, making sure that we were indeed going the right way.

Arabia Mountain 1
A view of the lake
A dead tree, which I found rather endearing

Overall, I enjoyed Arabia Mountain. We went on a pretty hot day – it was in the 90s – and in Georgia, it’s a hot and humid 90s. I was covered in sweat by the time we were done, but it actually wasn’t too bad. The heat wasn’t unbearable, and parts of the path were in the shade. The nature preserve was really pretty and remote, and without a lot of people, it was the perfect place to get away. All in all, I’m glad we finally took the time to go!


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