Irresistible Balls of Fluff

I love animals. It’s not that surprising, seeing as I ran off to a farm for five months, but it’s true. And it’s hard to resist a cute ball of fluff.

That’s what happened the first time, when my my mom and I walked into Petco. We had no intention of getting a pet, but as we went to ‘just look’ at the cats, we found ourselves being swept inside. One kitten in particular had no fear, coming straight up to us and purring as we held him in our arms. When we put him down, he didn’t leave. He just waited for us to pick him back up so he could continue to purr. And as we walked out the door, our hearts were stolen.

We immediately came home and convinced my dad to ‘just go see’ the cats. My dad wasn’t as easily swayed, but he found it hard to resist the excitement and begging from both my mom and me. He gave in, and we ended up bringing home two balls of fluff. Yes, two. Our cute little kitten friend had a brother that he couldn’t go home without. Turns out, his brother was just as sweet, if not sweeter.

Well, repeat that story a couple of months ago. Except this time it wasn’t a kitten.

My parents and I went to a neighborhood festival and there we saw the cutest little bunnies. There were five little baby bunnies only about five weeks old. And my heart was taken once again. I held the one I wanted, snuggled it against my chest, and the begging began. I wanted that bunny. And to my great surprise, my parents agreed.

So now I’ve added another little ball of fluff to my family, and this baby bunny is actually a ball of fluff. His daddy is a lionhead rabbit but his mom has short hair, so he has a cute little mane and then a fluff around his bottom. These days, he’s not as little as was, but he’s still just as cute! He’s such a curious little fellow, always checking things out. No way he’s afraid of the cats! He scares them away with his little lion mane and captures us with his big lion heart.

IMG_2942 (1)
My bunny at 7 weeks old!

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