Fall Art Festivals

These past few weeks I’ve been busy running around to different art festivals, some local, some not so local. And while they all have similarities – they all feature local artists selling art, after all – each one was different and unique.

The first one I went to is probably the smallest art festival I’ve ever been to, just single road lined with booths in the center of town. Though it was small, I was surprised at how many people were there. The street was crowded with people walking, getting out, enjoying the festival. Children played on the few rides that were offered, and many vendors were selling food. The artists there were selling a variety of things, many I’d never seen before, but many of them catching my eye. It was nice to stop by the festival and enjoy the crowd before making our way to our final destination.

The second festival I went to is probably the largest I’d ever been to, the number of vendors upwards of 400, the path crisscrossing and weaving through a huge area. People were everywhere, looking at the vendors, thinking about friends and family while buying gifts. It was fun to walk around, to see how every artist there was different. Some sold similar items, but each had their own unique twist, and I loved walking around, making sure to check out each and every booth.

The third festival I went to was also located in a downtown setting, but it had a second street that was a lot bigger than the first. One of the things I thought was really cool were the tickets to enter the area were actually buttons you could pin on your shirt. It fit right in with the art festival, and it was a little souvenir everyone could take home. I really enjoyed this festival because I saw a lot of new things – ideas and goods that were nothing like I’d ever seen before. They also had a huge food section sampling food from many different countries, and the lines for these went on forever. There was even a young artist section – kids and teens selling their artwork. It was such a neat festival, seeing how everyone came together to make it all a success.

Overall, I love going to art festivals, whether I buy anything or not! I’m not very artsy, so I love seeing what people can do, whether they make it, paint it, or sculpt it. It’s fun to get outside, to enjoy the crowd and festival atmosphere. I loved that even though I went to three art festivals back to back, none of them were the same, and it doesn’t stop me from going to any more. There’s always new things to see, new artists who come, and new festivals to explore.


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