[Insert Great Title Here]

One thing I’m really terrible at is naming things. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog post, a story, a character, or even a pet. It’s just terrible. I thought I was doing okay, at least as far as blog titles go, until the last one. Yes, some of the previous ones had been a little repetitive with the same structure and different words, but it was okay. Until my last post, when I was reviewing my blog and realized that the past two posts had pretty much the exact same title. I thought about changing it, but I just didn’t know what to change it to.

It’s something I’ve always struggled with, always wished I was better at. Growing up, my pets’ names always resembled a physical feature, like Fluffy or Shadow. And as I participated each year in NaNoWriMo, I felt an overwhelming sadness as I left the title section blank. Each year, I wanted my story to have a title, but nothing ever came to mind. Finally, fed up with this, I was determined to name my story. What I ended up with was a title that I didn’t love. It was fine, but it was really a title just to have a title. The more I looked at it, the more I hated it. So the next year I didn’t do it again. It wasn’t worth it.

I do this with character names too. I want the perfect name, and it’s hard. When I juggle story ideas and characters in my head, I use the same names each time. That way when I realize something isn’t working, I can just hop to the new one without spending too much time fretting about a name. But when I begin to write, this frustrates me. Writing it down brings the character to life, and with each different character, they all have their own unique name. The more I write, the fewer names I have left, making it more challenging as I want to capture the personality of each individual character.

Every now and then I stumble across the perfect story name or the perfect name for a character. I have yet to hit the jackpot with a blog post, but it’s getting there. I keep thinking, keep brainstorming, looking at other blogs for ideas. I know I’m not going to have the perfect blog title every time, but I don’t want any terrible ones, or any that are too alike. The same goes for my stories – and not every story has to have the perfect title at formation. Maybe I won’t figure it out now, but as I keep going, as story ideas keep forming in my mind, I’ll hit the right name eventually. And once I do, it’ll be perfect.


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