November 2016: Before

It’s that time of the year again. November is right around the corner, which means so is NaNoWriMo! I’m excited for another good November, but a little nervous as well. As usual, I’m not ready. As usual, I’m so ready. 

Most years come July I start thinking about what I want to write in November. I develop a story line, idly run through scenes, character names, little details in my mind. Then time flies and I realize it’s October and I start to panic. Only another month? Definitely not ready. It’s a flurry of panic and activity as I think of all I have left to do before November. Then November is right around the corner, about a week away, and suddenly all I want is for November to get here, because I am raring to go.

That’s the position I’m in now. Except this year Nano kind of snuck up on me. In October I realized it was only a month away, and I had nothing. More accurately, I had some ideas, but what I really wanted was to finish some things. I have a couple of stories that are there, maybe halfway written, maybe more, and they’re just sitting there. I don’t like that. I like complete stories. I always say that my endings are terrible, but if I never write any, it’s not going to get any better. So this year I’ve decided to finish my Nano from last year. It’s 50,000 plus words and still going strong. Will it last another  50,000 words? I’m not sure. But I have a plan if it decides not to be that long.

I worried about reading over my story in time, thinking about what needs to happen next, to recapture the magic of Nano from last year when I started this story. Surprising myself (or maybe unsurprisingly), I finished reading over it a week ago. And stupidly (or quite brilliantly), it halts abruptly in the middle of a really intense scene. So as much as I just want to finish the scene right now, I’m going to wait. I’m going to hit Nano strong right out of the gates, and I’m going to enjoy it. I’ve considered all the possibilities of where the story could go from here, where I want it to go, and I’ve been ready for a while now. November 1 cannot get here soon enough. Of course, once it hits I’m going to buried. But the excitement that leads into November only increases once it starts. I’m excited to write, excited to finish my story, excited to dedicate a month to what I love to do and make it a priority.


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