Hello San Diego

A few months ago I got the opportunity to visit San Diego. I’d never been before, and seeing as my trip was only for a couple of days, I asked friends who’d been there before what they recommended doing. They all had the same answer: Go visit the zoo.

So as the trip came closer, we bought tickets and planned a day to visit the zoo. The San Diego Zoo is really big, with over 1,000 acres, so we figured it would take a good bit of time to see everything. What we didn’t expect? To spend the whole day there. And by whole day, I mean, whole day. We got there at 9, right when it opened, and didn’t leave until after 5 when it was dark and starting to get hard to see the animals.

The zoo was amazing. I didn’t know what to expect, but they had so many different animals and things to do. First we walked around, visiting the different exhibits and looking at the animals. A few hours later, when we got tired, we took a bus tour. We rode the kangaroo bus, which is a double-decker and really meant for traveling around the zoo because the area is so big. We rode it mostly for fun, sitting on top and looking at the animals while resting our legs. Once we finished a circle we got off and continued to walk. We rode a sky lift thing which transported you over the zoo to the other side. There we walked around, watched a 4-D show, and then rode back so we could take a bus tour.

The bus tour was really nice because not only was it another chance to rest your legs, it was also a chance to learn about the animals. The bus tour took us around most of the zoo, and the guide talked about the different animals. It was fun to see the animals we had already seen when we had walked around, this time learning more about them, and when it was over, we ran back to see some more of the animals we had missed.

I had no idea it would take so much time to see the zoo, but I’d love to go back. Even though we spent all day, there were definitely some animals we missed. Also, a large part of the zoo was under construction, building new habitats for the animals and also for new animals. I wish we would have had more time in San Diego – as much as I loved the zoo, there are so many other things it has to offer that I didn’t get to see. It just means I have to go again to experience everything!


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