Intro to Indoor Cycling

Last summer, an indoor cycling studio opened near my house. At the time I was looking for a gym and exercise options, and when they had two weeks of free classes for people to come try it out, I thought, why not? It was free, it was exercise, and it was an option.

Not sure what to expect, I signed up for a class and dragged my parents with me. (Hey, it’s good for them too). Without thinking, I didn’t even bring a water bottle. I just showed up in exercise clothes. I didn’t have to worry though – they provided water bottles and water, as well as cycling shoes. I entered the studio, and then spent the next five minutes trying to figure out how to ‘clip in’ to the bike. 

The class started, and it was fun. There was an instructor pedaling along with you in front of the class. They played different songs and we rode to the beat of the music. There were sprints, there were hills, each song designed to work differently. There’s also a song dedicated to arms – a 4 or 6 pound bar that we lift overhead and do different exercises with while still cycling. There were different positions on the bike, standing, sitting, crouched down low. We did tap backs, isolations, jogging. It was more than just getting on a stationary bike and pedaling for an hour. It was fun, it was exciting, it was a good workout made better with people cycling with you, an upbeat instructor, and you can’t forget the leader-board for all the competitive people out there. Which may be me, just a little bit.

Needless to stay, I’m still going. I’m still cycling. It’s still fun. I go once or twice a week, and I always look forward to it. It’s an awesome workout, and after each ride I always feel accomplished. I got out, did it, and I can track my stats and see myself getting stronger. Now I can do most of the arm workouts without lowering the bar, as well as keep up the pace as I pedal. I like how the classes are a workout, but it’s fun. It’s still challenging, I’m still pushing myself, but it’s more like dancing on a bike rather than racing. I’m excited to continue to watch my stats improve, and see how good I can be!


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