Spring in February

The weather has been so nice recently here, and by that I mean most of February was in the high 60s and 70s. Which was great. All the plants started to think spring was already here, and if you drive through Atlanta you can see everything in bloom. It’s hard to tell it’s still technically winter. Though this week it supposed to be cold, and there may be a frost, I’m counting it as spring, and I’ve already gotten out and about.

With warm weather and more sunshine, it’s easier to get outside of the house to exercise. Especially on weekends. In the beginning of February my family decided that every weekend we were going to go for a long walk. Not something through our neighborhood that we could do any time, but actually out. We had a season pass to Stone Mountain, but this was our opportunity to use it. The Chattahoochee River isn’t very far away, and there are so many trails along the river. I’ve lived in pretty much the same place my whole life, but there’s so many places I haven’t been, so many places I haven’t taken the opportunity to go visit.

I’ve been around Stone Mountain 3 times in the past month already. It’s been great. I remember when I was a kid, we used to walk up the mountain all the time, but then as I grew up, we stopped going. I love that now we’re going back, and we’re not just going up. We’re exploring the paths that go around. There’s a sidewalk that goes all the way around the mountain, and then also the Cherokee Trail, which winds its way around not only the mountain but the lake, and offers a more scenic and challenging route. Even within that there are more trails, smaller connecting trails, and I can’t wait to go back and try them out.

I also have a list of top trails on the Chattahoochee, and we’ve already walked two. The list contains trails of different lengths, so depending on how much time we have and how we’re feeling, we can choose a shorter one or go for a longer one. The two I’ve been on were really pretty, wooded paths that follow the river and then wind up into a forest-y area. There’s another path with a mill I can’t wait to check out, and at some point I hope to be running some of these paths.

No matter where we go, I know I’ll have fun and get a good workout in. With the different terrain, it’s nice to enjoy the running water yet still climb hills and challenge myself. And that’s not all. There’s always new paths, new places to explore. As the weather continues to improve, I can’t wait for each weekend and our walk!


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