Learning How to SUP

A few years ago I took an intro to stand up paddle board class, and it was fun. We basically just learned the basic stroke, and got to practice in a small area. I learned that if a strong breeze blew through, you could be swept away. And I learned that it wasn’t that hard. When I learned the first time, it was March, and the water was cold. There would hopefully be no falling into the water, and there wasn’t. I was shaky, but I felt good as I paddled around, getting used to the stroke, finding my balance.

This time when I got the opportunity, I wanted to do more. What I really want to try is a ‘PaddleFit’ class, where you’re exercising on a paddle board, but I didn’t quite get to do that. I ended up doing a private lesson with my family. The lady who took us out was really knowledgeable and though once again we didn’t go far, we did a lot of things on the board.

I got to do some yoga moves, I paddled sitting down, lying down, standing up. I balanced on one leg. I jumped on the board. I turned around. I did push ups. And I jumped in the water. On purpose. And I fell in by accident. But it was fun. After you jump in the water, you’re no longer afraid of falling in. And as our instructor said, not being rooted to one spot makes you better.

When you’re afraid of falling in, you’re standing solid on the board, stiff, trying not to move too much. But when you’re not afraid, you’re jumping around, trying things, playing around. I even got on the same board and paddled with a friend. It was something fun to do, and it was a good workout.

I’ve been thinking about buying my own stand-up paddle board for a while now, but I’m hoping that this is the summer. I know there’s so much more you can do on a board, and I love that it’s a workout but it’s on the water and it’s fun. Muddling through all the board options is going to be a challenge, but I know once I get one, I’ll be out on the water.


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