2017 Garden Update #1

As promised, here’s a garden update and some pictures!

So as I mentioned originally, I bought some kale for my bunny. We got two little plants and we put them in a pot on our deck. I’m not sure what was happening, but it wasn’t doing great. The leaves were turning brown, like it was getting maybe too much sun, or not enough? In the end though, it didn’t really matter, because someone else was eating it. My dad ended up moving the kale down to join the rest of the garden, but when it was moved, it was eaten, and I ended up with just little stalks and no leaves. Now, however, it’s starting to grow back, so I have cute little kale stalks.

My kale is coming back!

As far as the rest of the garden, things are really taking off! Back when I first planted everything, the only thing that seemed to be growing was my bell pepper. I had a little pepper, but shortly after that it died, and for some reason, the bell pepper seems to be doing the worst. It hasn’t really gotten much bigger than when I planted it, though I do see some little buds. I’m hoping these will yield actual peppers this time!
We planted five tomato plants, and I just got my last few tomato cages up last weekend. It was much needed though. The plants have gotten huge! What’s even more exciting? We have a tomato!! It’s a little green guy, and it’s actually a decent size. I also saw a baby tomato on a different branch. It’s so cute.
Little tomato

My cantaloupes and zucchini are doing alright. Something seems to be eating all of my zucchini. So I see these huge flowers, and then the next day I come back and they’re gone. I don’t think any at this point have survived. The cantaloupes have gotten bigger since they were first planted, but they don’t look like they are flourishing. They just seem to be doing alright, though I think spotted a baby cantaloupe on one of them!

Baby Cantaloupe
Probably the most exciting plants of all, however, are my cucumbers. If you recall, I didn’t even mention them last time because I didn’t think they would survive. I bought little seeds from Target and planted them in a little pot. Some of them seemed to be doing well, so I transplanted them into a bigger pot. There they continued to get a little bigger, but then they all started to die. When I transplanted them into the my garden, I think the problem was they were being over-watered (I made a poor pot decision and combined that with over-watering) so there were only two that looked like they would maybe make it. But I planted about five, thinking there could be a chance. And then shortly after I planted them, I accidentally killed one of the two. So there was only one I thought would maybe grow. Well, three of them are doing well! I even saw a baby cucumber on one of them! So I’m really excited. Though I’m also a little concerned, because I didn’t think any of them would grow, that they are planted a little bit too close together. I mean, when they were baby plants I put them kind of close together, only counting on one to actually grow. So now they’re a little crowded, but hopefully it will turn out okay!
Little cucumber hiding between the leaves

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