2017 Garden Update #2 – The Garden Has Been Ravaged

I go visit my garden every day or every other day. Luckily, it rains about this often, so I don’t need to water it. I just go outside and check it out. I take a note of which veggies are growing, and try to send good vibes their way. I look to see what’s not doing well and look to see how much each plant has grown.

Everything was going well until this week. My first tomato had started turning red, and when I went back the next day to check on it, the tomato was gone. I couldn’t even see where it had been plucked off the plant. There was no tomato on the ground. It was gone. Poof. Like it had never been there at all. It made me uneasy, but I figured maybe someone took it. It was also one of the lower hanging tomatoes, so I was going to check out my other tomatoes before doing anything rash. Between my five tomato plans, we have a bunch of small green tomatoes right now. And even though they all have tomato cages, the plants have grown taller and some are leaning over right now.

Fast forward to the weekend. My family went out of town, just for a night. The morning before we left, I checked on my garden. In addition to my tomatoes, I had a few cantaloupe and some cucumbers. Some of these were starting to grow big, and I was excited to check on their progress.

When we got home the next day, a storm had come through. One of the flowering plants sitting on our deck had been blown over, so my dad went outside to save it. He came back with a half-eaten cucumber in his hand.

As I followed the steps down to my garden, there were more vegetables strewn about. The biggest cantaloupe only had half a peel left. The rest were missing entirely. There was another cucumber half-eaten, and one still on the plant that had a bite missing.

After this, I knew I had to do something. Talking to a friend, they mentioned they hung Irish Spring Soap as a deterrent, since rodents don’t like the smell. I picked some up at Walmart and spread it out in my garden. I’d never encountered Irish Spring Soap before, but it does have a strong scent.

A few days have passed now, and I found two tomatoes half-eaten, sitting on the deck. I guess it means the soap isn’t working. Or if it is working, it’s not 100%. This weekend I’m going to look up other rodent deterrents. And hopefully I’ll be able to save my garden before it’s all gone.


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