Visiting Augusta

A few weeks ago we went down to Augusta to visit friends. I’d been before, but like most places, there’s always new things to do and areas to explore.

What I didn’t realize is that Augusta is so much hotter than Atlanta. I thought we’d have similar weather, since it’s only a few hours away, but it’s a few degrees hotter, and that makes a big difference. We went on one of the warmer weekends, and it the afternoon you just stepped outside and immediately started sweating. It was terrible.

So we waited until the morning to go on our walking expedition. It was still like 80 plus degrees, but it was bearable. We went to visit the Savannah Rapids Visitor Center, which was basically this place that overlooked the Savannah River. There was a small historic building, and the lady there was very nice. She offered us ice water (much needed in that heat!) and there was a place to sit.

When we were ready to move we walked down to the water. The Augusta Canal is located there, and it was cool to look at the river and imagine boats coming through. You could see the doors and spaces where they would enter.

There was also a short trail that you could walk, about a quarter of a mile. Luckily, there were trees on both sides of the path offering shade, and there were quite a few people out and about.

If you have a lot of time there is a longer path that you can walk, and you can also rent kayaks and stand up paddle boards to take down the river. The whole place was really neat, and if we had more time, it would have been fun to paddle down the river.

I’m looking forward to my next visit to Augusta, where we already have another trail planned to explore!


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