Diving Back Into the Pool

Growing up, my parents decreed that my brother and I had to play a sport, though it was up to us which one we wanted to choose. I remember as a little kid trying out different sports – soccer, softball, gymnastics, swimming. But as I got older, it was time to choose one to focus on, and I ended up choosing swimming.

I remember going to the swim club for the first time and being evaluated so they knew which group to put me in. I was assigned to a group, and from then on, I was at the pool all the time. I permanently smelled like chlorine, and every shirt I wore had the logo of my swim club on it. Continue reading


Crossword Mania

I don’t do a lot of crossword puzzles. When I go for a puzzle, I go for a word search, or a Sudoku. I’ve never really thought that much about crossword puzzles, until a few years ago on Christmas day, my mom was going through the newspaper and she pulled out a special crossword to show me. It was a mammoth crossword, and what made it special wasn’t just the fact that it was huge – some of the clues were current events from the past year. Continue reading

A Look Back on November 2018

It still feels kind of surreal that November is over, and December has started. I saw something a few days ago that was counting down the days until Christmas, and I was confused when there were less than 25 days left. And then I realized that it was correct; it’s December and I haven’t quite caught up yet.

Every Nano is different, and not just in terms of what I’m writing. Continue reading

My First Half

Thanksgiving was a big day for me this year, and not just because it’s a holiday. It was the day I completed my first half marathon!

As you know, I’ve been training for this half marathon for a few months now. I remember when I started running and did four miles for the first time. Well, I counted it as 4 miles even though it was closer to 3.7! And I wondered how I was ever going to run 3 times that amount. But I kept increasing my mileage, and somehow I got there. Continue reading

A Perfect Ten

I completed my first road race a few weeks ago, a ten mile race through Midtown Atlanta. Leading up to the race, I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew I would be running ten miles, but what would the rest of it entail?

I woke up race day morning nervous yet excited. I had run ten miles a few weeks before the race, so I knew I could do it. Our race was set to start when it was still dark outside, though the sun would rise shortly after it began. When I looked at the weather forecast, however, it didn’t make a difference. The day was unusually cold, and not only would it be in the 40s when we started, it wouldn’t be any warmer when we finished. Continue reading

Intro to Diabolo

A few years ago I went to a camp in Asia, and we had a culture class where we got to choose what we wanted to do. The three choices were calligraphy, martial arts, and diabolo. I was going to choose calligraphy, until my mom asked me why I wasn’t picking diabolo. I answered her honestly – I had no idea what it was. When she told me what it was (turns out I actually did know what it was, I just didn’t know what it was called), I switched my choice to the diabolo class.

I’m not sure how to describe a diabolo, but there are two different types. I’ve heard it referred to as a Chinese yo-yo before, but basically there are two parts. The first part is the actual top that spins, and the second is the string that you use to spin the toy. As for the two different types, there is one that is basically two half spheres stuck together from the back, or one where the ends are round like a lid with holes, so when the diabolo spins fast enough, it will whistle. Continue reading