Intro to Diabolo

A few years ago I went to a camp in Asia, and we had a culture class where we got to choose what we wanted to do. The three choices were calligraphy, martial arts, and diabolo. I was going to choose calligraphy, until my mom asked me why I wasn’t picking diabolo. I answered her honestly – I had no idea what it was. When she told me what it was (turns out I actually did know what it was, I just didn’t know what it was called), I switched my choice to the diabolo class.

I’m not sure how to describe a diabolo, but there are two different types. I’ve heard it referred to as a Chinese yo-yo before, but basically there are two parts. The first part is the actual top that spins, and the second is the string that you use to spin the toy. As for the two different types, there is one that is basically two half spheres stuck together from the back, or one where the ends are round like a lid with holes, so when the diabolo spins fast enough, it will whistle. Continue reading


Asian Roll Cake

If you go to an Asian bakery, typically one of the things you will find are roll cakes. The basic cake has vanilla cream inside, but they come in a variety of flavors. The cake part is light and fluffy, and the cream isn’t that sweet, making a light dessert. Continue reading

Asian Bakeries

Growing up, going to Asian bakeries and grocery stores has always been a big part of life. There is an Asian area near where I live, maybe 20 minutes away, and though we don’t go there often, it’s nice to go and stock up on some goodies. I love eating Asian pastries, and it’s always a treat when my mom makes dumplings for dinner.

I never realized that it wasn’t normal to go an Asian bakery until about a year ago. Continue reading

Let’s Use Chopsticks

Coming from an Asian family, using chopsticks has never seemed foreign to me. I remember when I was little using training chopsticks, or when all else failed just taking one and stabbing all my food. Over the years I’ve gotten better at it, and can now use chopsticks with ease. When I go out to Asian restaurants with my friends, if they’re not Asian, they either don’t know how to use chopsticks or are looking to impress me and my other friends with their ability.  Continue reading

Received With Two Hands

There aren’t a lot of Asian people in this part of New Hampshire. Actually, the only time I’ve seen Asian people is when I go to Chinese restaurants. Of course, these are all Americanized, but I still enjoy eating some familiar food once in a while. I don’t normally eat take-out at home, so this is a treat. Most of my Asian food is cooked by my mother or bought in Chinatown.

When I did a school project on an Asian county, I learned about the correct way to give and receive business cards. Continue reading