Homemade Jam

When I think of learning how to make homemade jam, I think of grandmas teaching their grandchildren. However, I never had this experience growing up. One grandmother is Asian, where I’m pretty sure jam doesn’t exist, and the other one, I’m not sure if she knows how to make jam. So one of the experiences I was looking forward to on the farm was jam-making. Continue reading


You’re In a Different Time Zone!

When you think of what farming is like, you typically think of hard work, long hours, and the outdoors. This is true. Farmers get started early in the morning and therefore typically go to sleep earlier. What might surprise you is that I am not a morning person. In college, the earliest class I had was one semester at 9 am, and it was a killer. I struggled to wake up and get there. Continue reading

It’s My Mushroom!

When I first arrived on the farm, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure, I expected small-town life, but I didn’t know what this particular little town was going to be like. The farm that I am working on is a sustainable farm, and maybe that should have tipped me off, but it didn’t. It turns out that the whole town is into this sustainable thing, which is a good thing, but so different from my life back home.

To begin with, there’s no microwave in my apartment, and apparently not in many of the homes around here as well. At first I thought it was just something regarding the family on the farm, but as I have started to meet more people from the area, I found out that this is not special to just them. It seems so crazy to me though, because that’s how I used to eat all my food. Yes, I know it’s not great for you, but sometimes when you just want to reheat something it’s so much easier than heating up the oven. Another thing it’s useful for is, I recently bought one of those things you microwave and then it keeps you warm. I was excited when I bought it, then realized I have no microwave and sent it home to use once I get there.

Another thing that is strange to me, but seemingly common here, is the hunt for mushrooms. Yes, that’s right. Mushrooms. Continue reading

Chores – I mean, Farm Tour, Anyone?

On the farm I’m working at, there’s actually a bed and breakfast. Most of the reason why I’ve never mentioned it before is because even though it’s at the same place, it’s a totally different thing. It’s run by a different person. The only interaction I have is when guests are interested in seeing the farm. Then I get to show them around on a tour.

It’s not just any tour though – it’s actually morning chores. Continue reading

Feral Cats and Kittens

On the farm, we have 5 cats. It just so happens that 4 are male, and one is female, and the female cat is the only feral one of the group. I’m not quite sure why she is feral, but she is, and she won’t let anyone go near her.

Recently we discovered she had kittens. She had them up in the hay mow, but because we started cleaning it out, she decided to move them. We tried to follow her as she relocated her kittens, but she knew what we were up to and made sure we didn’t trail her. About two weeks later, we managed to find her kittens – while looking for some escaped piglets.

Continue reading