Spring in February

The weather has been so nice recently here, and by that I mean most of February was in the high 60s and 70s. Which was great. All the plants started to think spring was already here, and if you drive through Atlanta you can see everything in bloom. It’s hard to tell it’s still technically winter. Though this week it supposed to be cold, and there may be a frost, I’m counting it as spring, and I’ve already gotten out and about.

With warm weather and more sunshine, it’s easier to get outside of the house to exercise. Continue reading


East Palisades on the Chattahoochee

A few weeks ago my friend and I decided to walk a trail along the Chattahoochee. I’d been to the Chattahoochee River when I was little, but it had been a while. I remember going to a park with my family, bringing bread to feed the ducks, having a picnic, and walking along the water. The only recent times I had gone had been to some parks, and when my friend mentioned it, I was all in. Continue reading