2018 Garden

My dad has decided he wants to redo the backyard, so that, combined with the experience from last year, has led us to decide upon a very small garden this year. Actually, I’m not even sure garden is the correct word. The current plan isn’tĀ even to stick plants in the ground. Continue reading


2017 Garden Update #2 – The Garden Has Been Ravaged

I go visit my garden every day or every other day. Luckily, it rains about this often, so I don’t need to water it. I just go outside and check it out. I take a note of which veggies are growing, and try to send good vibes their way. I look to see what’s not doing well and look to see how much each plant has grown.
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Planting a Garden

I ended up planting a small garden this year, and now I’m even more excited for the summer to come!

I’m not really a huge vegetable fan, but I’ve always liked the idea of planting a seed or small plant and having it produce something you can eat, so while I probably won’t be doing any of the eating, I’m excited for the growing. Which is going well, at least so far.

We went to Pike’s to get some small plants, and came back with a small assortment. Continue reading