Intro to Indoor Cycling

Last summer, an indoor cycling studio opened near my house. At the time I was looking for a gym and exercise options, and when they had two weeks of free classes for people to come try it out, I thought, why not? It was free, it was exercise, and it was an option.

Not sure what to expect, I signed up for a class and dragged my parents with me. (Hey, it’s good for them too). Without thinking, I didn’t even bring a water bottle. I just showed up in exercise clothes. I didn’t have to worry though – they provided water bottles and water, as well as cycling shoes. I entered the studio, and then spent the next five minutes trying to figure out how to ‘clip in’ to the bike.  Continue reading


The “End” Of Insanity

I did it. I finished the 60-day Insanity program, and it feels good. I’m really proud of myself for sticking to it and exercising, especially on the days that it was hard to get motivated or when I had to squeeze it in at the last minute because I was not going to miss a day. Continue reading

Halfway Through Insanity

After I got a job, I knew the next step was to focus on my fitness. Now that I was making money, I had options. I wanted to join a gym, but didn’t just want to use the exercise machines – I wanted to take classes. Which led me to a problem – I’m kind of motivated, kind of not. Or really, I’m not a morning person. I’ll wake up early to go exercise, but I’m not going to wake up more than 2 hours earlier just to exercise. And when I looked at the gyms near me, none of them offered classes at a great time – it was either way too early, or it was too late and would make me late for work. I know, I know, they’re just excuses – if I was really motivated I’d get up early. Or go during lunch. Or go after work.

I decided not to. Continue reading